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Eastern Europe Business Luncheons

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Static Control Jun 07 2024
On May 16th, Static Control hosted a business luncheon for local remanufacturers in New Belgrade, Serbia. Static Control Sales Executive for Eastern Europe Angela Shekyls presented a market overview, a technical troubleshooting session and discussed new and coming soon products. Education regarding the negative impacts of OEM firmware updates was also provided at the event.
Angela Shekyls presents to a full room at the business luncheon held in Serbia in May.

Attendees enjoyed the networking event as well as the information provided. Vladimir Franjicevic, the CEO of Limes d.o.o from Novi Sad said, “Static Control continues to provide the highest quality customer support. We received a detailed review of the industry's current state along with information about firmware upgrades and its future impact to the remanufacturing industry.”

Nebojsa Brankovic, the Purchase Manager of Printcom d.o.o from Novi Sad said, “There were new ideas that could help us in future business planning.”

Static Control has been hosting informative luncheons throughout the year in Eastern Europe. In Bulgaria, a packed audience listened to the latest news and discussed experiences with printer warranties.

Ilia Atanasov, the CEO of Static Control’s authorized reseller IPN in Bulgaria, said “The assistance given to us by Static Control before and during the seminar was, as always, at a high professional level.”

Customers interested in having a seminar in their region should contact their Static Control representative.
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