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Static Control Announces Hiring of Gary Willert

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Static Control Nov 21 2019
Former pGary-Willert.jpgresident and CEO of LMI Solutions Gary Willert has joined Static Control. Willert has been in the industry for more than 20 years and is highly skilled in business development and managed print services. Willert will be influential in helping Static Control build out its remanufactured line, while aiding the company in various strategic initiatives.

“Static Control has many tools at their disposal many other companies do not possess, like the world-class chip technology, its IP bandwidth and the financial stability to invest in the future,” said Willert. “I believe the offering we can bring to the dealer base is unmatched and I’m excited about being part of a strong, stable partner to our customers.”
Static Control’s Vice President of North American Sales Bryan Bonacum is thrilled to have Willert with the company.
“Gary’s experience and knowledge of the industry should prove to be invaluable to us all,” said Bonacum. “We look forward to the new opportunities and growth he can bring to the company. Adding a leader like Gary to our team will certainly help our staff and our customers to continue our growth in the market. ”
CEO Ken Lalley is also pleased to see Willert join the Static Control team. “We’ve known Gary for years and know well his in-depth experience, especially in the MPS and dealer channel. Customers will benefit from the knowledge and guidance he brings to the table”
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