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Stages of Static Control product manufacturing, from components to finished cartridges
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A vertically integrated cartridge producer means lower costs, faster fixes and peace of mind for retailers

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Static Control Oct 05 2017

The cost of maintaining a car is pricey, especially if you choose to get your car serviced at a dealership using OEM parts and accessories. Thanks to aftermarket manufacturers and service providers, you can get equal or better service and parts for more affordable prices.

The same is true for the imaging industry. When a business invests in a printer fleet, they also assume heavy costs on maintenance and supplies like printer cartridges. Thanks to retailers who offer aftermarket options, businesses can save a significant amount of money by using non-oem / aftermarket replacement toner or ink jet cartridges.

But not all aftermarket components and cartridges are created equal. Many are sub-par OEM alternatives with untested properties and inevitable poor performance. That’s why it’s important to choose a supplier founded on quality.

Enter Static Control, a vertically integrated cartridge producer whose team has not only helped businesses save money on replacement cartridges, but has transformed the industry thanks to OEM-style investment in R&D, testing and quality assurance.

Static Control’s operational excellence

While most aftermarket manufacturers depend on several entities throughout the value chain to produce various parts or perform various services before a part reaches a retail shelf, Static Control has a vertically-integrated operation that helps maintain costs and provides faster turnarounds while keeping a close eye on quality assurance.

Research & Development

Static Control employs many R&D specialists to innovate new products every week. That means you can stock new, lower-cost aftermarket products for your customers more often.


Static Control operates production plants around the world, building new, patent-considerate inkjet cartridges for markets globally.


Every Static Control product is tested in our state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring performance and quality for a variety of uses and environments. For example, our testing process ensures customers in a humid location without AC can have the same printing experience as someone in a temperature-controlled high-rise office.


A customer-centric business model and support team helps retailers - and their customers - resolve challenges faster and maintain the performance needed for successful daily business operations.

Peace of mind for aftermarket retailers

“What a lot of other manufacturers miss out on is the importance of quality,” says Travis Smith, technical support leader at Static Control. “We’ve stayed laser-focused on maintaining quality for our customers, and it makes a difference in their bottom lines.”

Whether you’ve been a customer for decades or you’re learning about us for the first time, Static Control is the industry’s trusted cartridge supplier you can depend on for quality and performance. If you’re ready to expand your product offering with Static Control, let us know today.

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