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Bulgarian Seminar Sponsored By Static Control Deemed a Success

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Static Control Nov 07 2019
Static Control recently worked with its three official Bulgarian resellersTNC, IPN and Toner Support to hold a customer seminar in Sofia, Bulgaria in October. More than 90 attendees from 60 companies spent the day learning about products, projects in development and the current state of the industry.
Static Control's Sales Executive Angela Shekyls and Regional  Sales Manager Stefan Gavrilov both spoke at the event and felt that it had a positive impact on the region.
Static Control employees Angela Shekyls and Stefan Gavrilov spoke at the customer event along with executives from its official resellers in Bulgaria, TNC, IPN and Toner Support.  

"This was a great opportunity for us to meet with our Bulgarian partners and their customer base and reiterate that we are there to support their aftermarket business, be it with components or cartridges," said Gavrilov. "We are confident that we are the preferred choice for remanufacturers and resellers in Bulgaria and are excited to continue to grow further our cooperation.”
Attendees listened to in-depth presentations regarding the development of components and cartridges in Static Control's pipeline.
"This event was necessary in our opinion and it came at the perfect time," Said Ilia Atanasov, Managing Director of IPN. "This face-to-face event proves that Static Control is firmly behind its partners not only with quality products, but also with lots of additional information. Our partners expressed their satisfaction with the seminar and reaffirmed their commitment and confidence in Static Control's wide range of products."
Static Control's Angela Shekyls also gave a presentation regarding the in-depth process of chip development. "There is a lot of work that goes into providing the industry's most firmware-resistant replacement chips in a timely fashion," she said. "We walked through what all is involved with reverse engineering our solutions and the high-tech equipment and investment that is necessary in order to achieve this."
Managing Director of Toner Support Ognyan Sabchev was thankful for the event. "We believe the conference was informative and helpful both to us and all of our partners, and we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Static Control from all of the Toner Support representatives for giving us the opportunity to meet them in person and being part of a most successful event"
He continued, "A focal point throughout the whole conference was the motto 'cheaper is not always the better solution' which we at Toner Support believe is 100% true. Like Static Control, we know the importance of delivering reliability and high quality to customers."
CEO of TNC Juri Jordanov was also pleased with the seminar. "This seminar was a real picture of Bulgarian realities and a great next step in enlarging Static Control's role in Bulgaria. We are happy to see the vital spirit of the innovator, an ally of hundreds of thousands of recyclers in the world. As a new reseller, we understand our mission to serve customers and maintaining the highest professional standards."
Static Control’s event marked the fourth seminar since 2014 in Bulgaria for the company. The next event planned in Europe is attending Paperworld 2020 in Germany in January.
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