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DGX & Recycle Ware announced as authorized resellers in Brazil
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DGX and Recycle Ware Announced as Authorized Resellers in Brazil

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Static Control Jun 13 2018
Static Control has announced two new authorized resellers in Brazil to best support customers in the region. DGX located in São Paulo, along with Recycle Ware in Campinas, will support remanufacturers and imaging professionals throughout Brazil.
“We have a long history of providing high quality products and customer service in Brazil and know we will be able to best serve our customers in the region with DGX and Recycle Ware,” said Juan Carlos Bonell, Vice President of Latin American Sales for Static Control. “We are dedicated to helping customers have continued growth, and these resellers are ready to support the success of our customers. They are knowledgeable and deeply focused on customer service.”
In addition to having two resellers, Static Control has appointed Waldir Leptich as a sales representative for the region. Leptich comes to Static Control as an industry veteran with more than 12 years of experience in the imaging industry.

“Waldir is a key asset for our team,” said Bonell. “His experience in the field brings a wealth of expertise that will help our team succeed in Brazil.”
To contact DGX:
Phone:  (11) 2172-5202 
To contact Recycle Ware:
Phone: (19) 3744-5500
To contact Mr. Waldir Leptich:
Phone: (11) 99177-4485
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