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Chips are a critical component in cartridges
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How A Laser Printer Works: The Chip

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Static Control Jan 20 2014
Inside each toner cartridge are many components that work together to deliver your prints. In our series "How a Laser Printer Works" we take a deeper dive into each individual component. Let's take a look at the chip, the brain of the cartridge.
The chip controls the functions of the cartridge and provides information to the printer, such as how many pages remain before the cartridge will run out of toner.
Static Control was the first imaging aftermarket provider of chips for cartridges. Our research and development group has continued to add notable achievements throughout our history of providing advanced, highly encrypted replacement chips. Some key products to mention are our replacement Lexmark T650 chips and our replacement HP ink jet chips. These innovations supported the aftermarket by providing continuity of component supply along with new opportunities for growth to our customers.
Our chips are firmware resistant and accurately report the number of pages remaining. Most importantly, they can be found on Static Control replacement cartridges.
Chips are made from silicon. Purified silicon is melted and cooled to form an ingot, then sliced into wafers. The wafers become the foundation of the chip. One wafer could be the basis for thousands of chips! Each wafer is cut into individual chip die. Each die is ultimately programmed for proper functionality in a specific application.
Image of an ingot and a wafer
Most cartridges today feature ASIC chips. ASIC stands for Application-Specific Integrated Circuit. ASIC uses an integrated circuit and is customized for a particular use, rather than general purpose. Below is a schematic drawing of one of our chips for a color laser cartridge.
Schematic drawing of an ASIC chip for a color laser cartridge
Static Control understands the importance of the chips within in a cartridge and the delicate relationship it has with the printer in order to deliver accurate information. Our long history in developing and manufacturing premium imaging systems for laser and ink jet cartridges means we can offer the best in cartridge solutions.
See the functions of a chip along with each essential component inside a color toner cartridge by clicking here. 
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