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How a Primary Charge Roller (PCR) works - how does a laser printer work - how does laser printing work
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How A Laser Printer Works: The PCR

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Static Control Jan 20 2014
Inside each toner cartridge are many components that work together to deliver your prints. In our series "How a Laser Printer Works" we take a deeper dive into each individual component. Let's take a look at the primary charge roller, frequently abbreviated to PCR. 
The PCR’s main job is to erase the printed image from the OPC drum and prepare the drum for the next print job.
This roller has several layers and surface treatments to ensure it works properly within the printer in coordination with the OPC drum. These layers help prevent any lost electrical charges from occurring if there is an issue with the OPC drum. Static Control's patented NeverTab™ surface treatment prevents chemical damage to the resistive materials the PCR encounters. Quality PCRs must also use a steel shaft to help with the electrical voltage within the cartridge. See a schematic drawing below of one of our color PCRs.
Schematic Drawing of PCR
One unique property of this roller is that it has both an AC and DC charge. The DC charge helps prep the OPC drum to receive the image from the laser and toner from the Developer Roller.
A charge helix of a PCR within a color toner cartridge
Below is close-up of the OPC drum and PCR interacting during the printing process of a color HP-style printer. The AC charge from the PCR removes the latent image from the OPC Drum during rotation.
Diagram of an PCR interacting with an OPC drum during the printing process in a color printer
At Static Control, each PCR undergoes more than 30 different tests during the manufacturing process. Since the PCR can be one of the noisiest components within a cartridge, each one undergoes a noise test to ensure it is quiet within the cartridge. Other tests include exposure, voltage, resistance, circularity, adhesion, resilience and hardness. After it passes our quality standards, it can be placed within one of our cartridges to deliver optimal performance.
Static Control understands the critical considerations for a PCR's performance and how it works within each toner cartridge. Our long history in developing and manufacturing premium imaging systems for laser and ink jet cartridges means we can offer the best in cartridge solutions.
See how all the components work together inside replacement HP 124A series cartridges used in the HP LaserJet 2600 printer. 

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