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Static Control's compatible CF217A Cartridge - hp CF217a
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Hybrid Technology Brings a Better Replacement CF217A Cartridge

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Static Control Mar 19 2018
Static Control’s CF217A cartridge solution, used in Hewlett Packard® LaserJet® Pro M102 and related printers, had a special road to release. It was the first time our engineers witnessed a combination of HP's color technology mixed with its monochrome technology. This hybrid technology was all held within one single component inside the cartridge. 

A New Component? 

The CF217A cartridge featured something unusual; a roller that worked as both a magnetic roller (seen in most monochrome cartridges) and a developer roller (which are typically only seen in color laser cartridges). The HP original cartridge also had a lubricating powder on this roller to make sure it didn’t stick to another component, the doctor blade. If the roller and the blade got stuck, the cartridge would start to show some significant print defects. 

The Team Gets to Work

Our engineering team is always up for a challenge. With our history in development of imaging systems, developing a solution for the CF217A hybrid roller would be an exciting new project to flex our in-depth knowledge of the interior components within a cartridge. 

The team already had a firm understanding of both technologies used to develop the roller. The key was to develop our own unique roller and powder for the CF217A to ensure that the roller does not stick to the blade, along with delivering quality prints for the life of the cartridge. 

After a few months of some trial-and-error research and testing, our own unique hybrid roller and powder were developed and qualified using our rigorous quality control standards.
This innovative roller and powder is featured within each of our compatible CF217A cartridges. We’ve tested other aftermarket cartridges that tried a weaker workaround for the hybrid roller, and they gave us the common print defects of stripes on the page (sometimes called banding) and prints that are too light.  

Our cartridge solution delivers rich, dark prints throughout the life of the cartridge and delivers 1,600 pages, and is backed by our standard 2-year warranty. 
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