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AllPage Technology utilizing FMAudit helps recover lost margins in MPS environments
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Static Control & FMAudit's solution for extended yield cartridges in MPS environments

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Static Control Mar 16 2018
Extended yield cartridges have been a big part of this industry for years, especially in the growing Managed Print Services (MPS) market…and with good reason. Offering customers a page yield that is higher than what is offered by the OEM is a great selling advantage, especially in the cost-per-page business model of MPS providers.
As we talked to our customers, we discovered one of the main issues of extended yield cartridges combined with MPS software is that the page yield reporting was inaccurate. This led to replacing cartridges too soon, sometimes in larger extended yield offerings with thousands of pages remaining in the cartridge.
Static Control teamed up with MPS software solution provider ECI FMAudit to develop this exclusive opportunity that helps end toner waste and increase MPS profitability.
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