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What's New in ISO 9001/14001:2015 Standards

Static Control was initially certified to ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 Standards in October 2010.  We maintained that certification until our certification to the new ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 Standards in October 2017. The certification to the new 2015 standards was accomplished with no nonconformities.
The ISO certifications have strengthened the organization in the following ways:
  1. ISO Certifications provide assurance to customers that quality and environmental processes are managed to the most widely recognized international standards available.
  2. ISO Quality and Environmental Management Systems provide a strategic direction with clear, comprehensive and uniform guidelines for managing quality and environmental aspects of the business.
  3. ISO programs teach and discipline the organization to recognize and act on risks as opportunities for continual improvement.
 Following are just a few tangible results produced or enhanced by the quality and environmental systems:
  1. Our Quality Index, which measures customer satisfaction with products they receive, continues to remain above 99%.
  2. Top management emphasizes that what all associates do should ultimately have a positive impact on our customers.
  3. Communications and problem solving throughout the organization have continually improved, helping everyone to understand how their job affects other processes and the customer.
  4. Static Control now recycles more than 60% of all solid waste generated with the help of EVERY associate in the organization. That is MANY TONS over the past 7 years.
  5. Utility and natural resource consumption has been reduced by using less, improving maintenance practices, paying attention to where waste occurs and doing something about it.
  6. Sound environmental and quality systems and associated documentation greatly assisted in the organization’s survival of the devastating 2011 tornado that lay ruin to 3 critical facilities and significantly damaged 2 others.
  7. All major process additions, Cartridge Remanufacturing, 3D Filament and Ribbon Ink have been setup and operated to ISO standards to ensure that only quality products are sent to customers and all environmental aspects of operations are considered up front.
  8. Internal audit of all processes at planned intervals helps to ensure that quality and environmental systems continue to meet management expectations.
  9. Regular Management Reviews ensure that quality and environmental systems stay focused on top management’s strategic direction.
Static Control Components, Inc. World Headquarters and Sanford, NC US operations have transitioned our certification to ISO9001:2015, Quality Management System Requirements and ISO14001:2015, Environmental Management System Requirements in our September 2017 Surveillance and Transition Audit. New requirements of these standards focus on how organizational strategy starts with top management and reaches all interested parties of the organization including customers, suppliers, regulatory agencies, the local community, employees and other stake holders. This is accomplished by identifying risk at every level of the organization and affecting continual improvement to eliminate or reduce risk wherever practical. Objectives, targets and actions to meet targets are established at every level of the organization with the common goal of addressing top management’s strategic quality and environmental objectives.
Continual improvement brings change, growth and opportunity to our organization. The new 2015 ISO Standards place specific emphasis on the planning and management of process and product changes to ensure risks are evaluated and addressed up front. Static Control’s method for addressing the new 2015 ISO Standards is best summarized in our Quality and Environmental Policy below.
Through sound business practices and policies, Static Control takes responsibility for its product quality, impact on the environment and compliance to requirements of its Quality and Environmental Management System. We are committed to:
  • Providing innovative imaging products and electronic devices which meet or exceed customer expectations;
  •  Providing the best technical service and support in the aftermarket laser and ink jet cartridge industry; 
  • Preventing pollution resulting from our operations, where practical;
  • Complying with relevant local, state, federal laws or regulations and other requirements to which Static Control subscribes; 
  • Establishing and reviewing objectives and targets to improve quality and environmental performance;
  • Continually improving the effectiveness of Quality and Environmental Management Systems by promoting risk based thinking.
Our ISO certification effort is very much a team undertaking with our EH&S supervisor Debbie Bigelow leading the environmental effort, me concentrating on quality systems and Aaron Maule, the director of quality assurance, keeping Debbie and me pointed in the right direction.
I am regularly humbled by the cooperation and assistance of numerous directors, managers and associates who work with us to develop and maintain processes daily. I can’t stress enough that it takes every individual in the entire organization to achieve and maintain our certifications.

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