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AllPage Technology 

Tired of losing money on extended yield cartridges in an MPS environment because you replace the cartridges too soon and with many pages remaining?

Static Control has teamed up with software solution provider ECI FMAudit to develop an exclusive opportunity to end toner waste and increase MPS profitability. AllPage Cartridges truly let you “get what you paid for” and recapture lost margins.


Hybrid Technology Brings a Better replacement CF217A Cartridge 

Static Control’s CF217A cartridge solution, used in HP® LaserJet® Pro M102 and related printers, had a special road to release. It was the first time our engineers witnessed a combination of HP's color technology mixed with its monochrome technology. This hybrid technology was all held within one single component inside the cartridge. 

Our engineering team is always up for a challenge. With our history in development of imaging systems, developing a solution for the CF217A hybrid roller was an exciting project to flex our in-depth knowledge of the interior components within a cartridge. 

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Developing a Better Replacement for the CF226X

Static Control’s replacement cartridge for HP's popular CF226X cartridge delivers the best performance available from an aftermarket cartridge. Reaching this level of performance was possible thanks to the depth of knowledge and years of experience Static Control has earned through decades as the global leader in cartridge chip technology.

Our extensive competitive testing demonstrated the consistent occurrence of image density drop-off in the replacement CF226X cartridges available from other aftermarket suppliers. We knew we would not be satisfied with that low level of performance and initiated a development campaign to solve the issue.

The key was to develop a toner that provided rich, dark prints, without using too much toner.

Learn more about the CF226X


Imagine if you could have the newest solutions right at your fingertips. Our industry-leading R&D team and vertically integrated facilities provide just that with reverse-engineering capabilities and exclusive first-to-market solutions. An ever-expanding product portfolio means our customers can grow their business and secure their bottom lines.

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