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CEO and Managing Director Ken Lalley Retires

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Static Control Jun 01 2022
Static Control announced today that Ken Lalley, CEO of Static Control Components, Inc. and Managing Director of Static Control Components (Europe) Limited is retiring at the end of June 2022.
Lalley was promoted to CEO at Static Control in August 2018 after serving in key positions over two decades. Under his leadership, Static Control streamlined its operations, provided excellent service and solutions for its customers, and expanded its product range, firmly placing itself as the premium supplier to the aftermarket.
“On behalf of everyone in the group, we want to thank Ken for his leadership and impact on Static Control,” said Ninestar Corporation Chairman Jackson Wang. “Ken has positioned the company for continued success thanks to his outstanding leadership skills, open communication, business acumen and his deep commitment to quality and customer service. The company has benefited from his leadership, and we wish him happiness in retirement.”
A search for a successor is underway. In the interim, Static Control will be led by an executive management committee chaired by Juan Carlos Bonell, Static Control’s Vice President of International Sales. Other members of the committee include General Counsel Elizabeth McKee, Chief Operating Officer Morry Mao, and Chief Financial Officer of Static Control Components (Europe) Ltd, Neil Head.
Ken Lalley is confident in the Static Control team and the years ahead. “Static Control is poised for continued success thanks to the experienced leadership team. We have laid out a vision for the company that in my point of view, will guide Static Control to continued future successes.”

“It has truly been an honor to serve as CEO of Static Control,” said Lalley. “During my years here, I witnessed many changes, but one thing was constant – the dedication of our employees whose hard work and commitment have helped us to grow and succeed during even the most difficult of times.”
“I always want to thank our loyal customers, vendors, suppliers and the Ninestar Corporation for their support throughout my time as leader,” Lalley said.
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