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CF226X replacement cartridge for the M402 and M426 printers
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Developing A Better Replacement for the CF226X

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Static Control Mar 01 2018

Static Control’s replacement cartridge for Hewlett Packard's popular CF226X cartridge delivers the best performance available from an aftermarket cartridge. Reaching this level of performance was possible thanks to the depth of knowledge and years of experience Static Control has earned through decades as the global leader in cartridge chip technology.

It starts with the chip.

This cartridge is used in the popular HP® LaserJet® Pro M402 and M426 printers, and is part of the JetIntelligence line. A unique feature on JetIntelligence series toner cartridges are the tiny microchips, which are smaller than the eraser on a pencil. They look more like the chip you might expect to see on an ink jet cartridge. 

The chips on CF226X and other JetIntelligence cartridges don't just look like ink jet chips; they are also packed with many of the same security features often found in ink jet chips. The combo of both a complex interface (common to HP LaserJet chips) along with the ink jet chip security measures created a reverse engineering project requiring expert knowledge in both fields. 

Static Control’s long history in microchip research, development and manufacturing led us to be the first manufacturer to offer a chip solution back in 2015 for any JetIntelligence cartridge series (CF400, CF401, CF402 and CF403). The small size of the microchip forced our engineers to redesign all the internal components to fit the board properly. Thanks to that earlier legwork on that design, developing and creating a chip solution for the CF226X took only three months from when the printer was originally released. 

Chip expertise made it possible; toner and components make it better.

Just because a cartridge works, doesn't mean it works well enough to be a Static Control cartridge. Our extensive competitive testing demonstrated the consistent occurrence of image density drop-off in the replacement CF226X cartridges available from other aftermarket suppliers. We knew we would not be satisfied with that low level of performance and initiated a development campaign to solve the issue.

The key was to develop a toner that provided rich, dark prints, without using too much toner. Using too much toner can cause the prints to become light toward the end of the cartridge life. Both our toner and component development teams worked together to develop the right solution. These teams used their extensive experience in developing imaging systems to come up with the best solution. 

We were successful, and the result is the best aftermarket CF226X cartridge available. Expect great prints from start-to finish while meeting the stated OEM page yield of 9,000 pages.

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