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The doctor blade is an essential component inside toner cartridges
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How A Laser Printer Works: The Doctor Blade

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Static Control Jan 20 2014
Inside each toner cartridge are many components that work together to deliver your prints. In our series "How a Laser Printer Works" we take a deeper dive into each individual component. Let's take a look at the doctor blade.

Simply put, the doctor blade levels the amount of toner delivered to the other components. It also helps with “charging” the toner, which is important in delivering legible prints.
In color cartridges, the doctor blade works primarily with the developer roller to help prepare the toner for printing. In monochrome cartridges, the blade typically works with either a mag roller or developer roller to help charge the toner properly. See the video below to learn more about the important relationship between the doctor blade, developer roller and the toner in a color cartridge. 

Since the doctor blade gently rubs against other rollers within the cartridge, it is essential for the blade to have the precise width and thickness to establish the proper pressure between the components. Below is a schematic drawing of one of our color doctor blades.

Blade Thickness 0.003"

Each doctor blade is typically made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion. This is important because if rust developed on the blade, it would prevent the proper charge to happen in the toner, and could damage the cartridge.

Static Control understands the critical considerations for a doctor blade's performance and how it works within each toner cartridge. Our long history in developing and manufacturing premium imaging systems for laser and ink jet cartridges means we can offer the best in cartridge solutions. 

See how all the components work together inside CC530A / 531A/ 532A / 533A cartridges used in HP® CP2025 printers. 

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