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Static Control & Hara Trading Present Together in Japan

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Static Control Jun 14 2019
Static Control and its exclusive distributor for Japan, Hara Trading, recently recently spoke at a private event for customers, along with also presenting to members of the Association of Japan Cartridge Remanufacturers (AJCR) in a meeting held on May 22.
The private event held earlier in the day had attendees listening to a wide variety of topics, including current market conditions and trends, and an update on OEM legal actions around the globe – including Static Control’s recent win in the US ITC, and an update on environmental regulations in Europe.
Sam Finch, General Manager for Static Control’s Hong Kong office, teamed up with Takahisa Emori, Director of Overseas Business of Hara Trading, to give a presentation titled World Market Trends and Intellectual Patents, which provided insight to listeners about the ways the aftermarket thrives despite pressure from both the OEMs and cheap, lower quality compatibles.

“The remanufacturers in attendance wanted to know what is happening worldwide, and were keenly interested in how they should consider the IP of the remanufacturing industry,” said Emori. “They can see how Static Control and Hara Trading are supporting them and the industry by providing viable high quality options to users.” 
Masato Emori, President and CEO of Hara Trading, presented at the afternoon AJCR meeting on global IP trends and recent international events. Masato has been assisting remanufacturers for almost thirty years. As one of the directors of the AJCR, he supports the International Imaging Technology Council and is an STMC-certified trainer.

This event also covered Eco & Quality (E&Q) labeling for AJCR members. There were in excess of 50 attendees representing more than 25 companies.

Both Hara Trading and Static Control are long-term Supporting Members of the AJCR.

Sam Finch was pleased with the event’s success, noting that “Japan has always had a strong connection to remanufacturing, and Static Control has been supporting them through the years through events such as these, along with dedicated customer service and a full catalog of component, toner and chip solutions for their business. We are honored to be at this event and look forward to participating in the future.”
AJCRMeeting_2019.jpgHIn this picture, Hara Trading’s Director of Overseas Business Takahisa Emori and Sam Finch, General Manager for Static Control’s Hong Kong office, speak to a packed room at a private event for Hara Trading’s customers. Attendees listened to their presentation, World Market Trends and Intellectual Patents, which covered the most recent trends in the industry. Later, both companies participated in the most recent meeting of the AJCR in Tokyo.

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