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Static Control Launches Website in Eight New Languages

Static Control Logo
Static Control Aug 20 2018
Static Control, the leader in providing quality ink jet and laser cartridges to the imaging aftermarket, has announced its website is now available in eight new languages: Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Russian and Turkish.
“Static Control has been very proud of our global presence. We knew that as we continue to grow our cartridge business, we would need to be able to reach customers around the world in a language they understood,” said Erwin Pijpers, senior vice president of global sales for Static Control.
Static Control selected MotionPoint, a leader in technology and services for website translation, localization and optimization, to lead the website translation project.
“Many B2B businesses have been slow to transform their digital experiences,” said Craig Witt, executive vice president at MotionPoint. “Static Control’s commitment to the unique needs of its customers, prospects and partners positions it to build stronger, more trusting relationships all over the world.”
Users can visit and pick a language from the drop down menu. In most cases, the language of the web browser of the user will be automatically selected.
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