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Three Companies in Eastern Europe Recognized by Static Control

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Static Control Feb 03 2021
Static Control recently honored three companies in Eastern Europe for achievements in 2020.
Bulgarian reseller Toner Support was honored as the Reseller of the Year. The company experienced outstanding performance throughout the year, as well as a deepened commitment to Static Control’s products. Static Control’s Eastern European Sales Executive Angela Shekyls is pleased to work with the company.
“Toner Support is a long-term, loyal partner for Static Control and has been since 2009,” said Shekyls. “One of their best achievements and commitments to the Static Control brand was signing their first license agreement for a joint Toner Support/Static Control toner label. Despite a reduced demand in 2020, Toner Support has invested their effort and finances into filling machines, additional training to their skilled staff and creating many active marketing campaigns.”

Managing Director of Toner Support Ognyan Sabchev was pleased to win this achievement.

“All of us at Toner Support would like to take this opportunity and say a big ‘thank you’ for Static Control’s continued support throughout the year and would like to wish you all a brighter, more successful and prosperous 2021. We cannot wait to keep developing and building even better trading relationships in the future.”

Ukraine distributor Makkon was awarded a certificate in recognition of target achievement, resilience and consistency in business development. The company has been consistently achieving its targets for many years and exclusively represents Static Control’s interests in Ukraine. Makkon focuses on selling a vast portfolio of Static Control’s products.
Makkon has been under the leadership of General Director Vadim Sergienko for the past five years, and the company has been overachieving in a time where many businesses in the region have struggled. Sergienko believes he has a recipe for success.

“The first key to our success is our team – especially our Sales Department Manager Svetlana Bondarenko and Product Manager Olexandra Lysenko – have consistently done an excellent job for many years. Another critically important thing is that we have real-time communication flow with Static Control, including industry news, new products, special offers and help with strategic ideas, and I would like to express our gratitude for that to Sophie Lillie, our Static Control Business Development Director. We have ambitious goals in front of us, but we have great support from Static Control.”

Makkon wanted to recognize not just their own staff and sales representative. “Our joy is when our partners grow their business and multiply their successes. We would like to mention specifically our three most successful partners in 2020, who showed significant growth: Microtron Ltd located in Zaporozhie, Comtechservice LLC in Rovno, and Expert-Service – Т Ltd in Ternopol,” said Sergienko.

Static Control’s authorized reseller in Transnistria is World of Computers, which obtained this new status in 2020, was recognized by Static Control for reaching their annual target.

World of Computers Director Victor Lungu credits Static Control to its success in the tumultuous year of 2020.
“We have been working with Static Control for many years, and we appreciate the high quality of the products and the constant development of new products and the continued strengthening of our relationship.” Said Lungu. “I wish all of us further growth and development of our mutual business and new targets and goals with solid financial results for the years to come. We want to also thank our permanent partners Interra Ltd and RBT Ltd for their continued support.”
All three companies praised Static Control for its assistance in reaching targeted goals for 2020 and expressed excitement for 2021 as the pandemic is projected to subside.
Makkon’s Sergienko expressed gratitude at some of the true heroes of the year, saying, “I would like to specifically stress the heroic work of the logistics hubs in the UK as well as in Ukraine during the pandemic. They allowed us to continue to supply our partners without delays even under severe business limitations. I want to express my gratitude to every driver and warehouse employee for their frontline support.”
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