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Static Control and Apex Microelectronics Announce Strategic Partnership

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Static Control May 07 2015

Static Control Components, Inc. (“Static Control”) and Apex Microelectronics Co., Ltd (“Apex”) are pleased to announce a strategic merger of the two companies. The combination of the two global industry leaders, while maintaining independent operations, will provide customers unparalleled resources and capabilities, and the market with the most technologically advanced and comprehensive product lines, as well as increased speed to market, higher service levels and stronger commitment to further expanding opportunities for the imaging aftermarket.

Static Control, headquartered in Sanford, NC, USA, has been the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of aftermarket imaging systems and components for over 25 years, supplying more than 15,000 products to over 20,000 customers globally through the industry’s most extensive distribution network, and being widely recognized as an industry leader in intellectual property (IP), technology and quality.

Apex, publicly listed on China’s Shenzhen Stock Exchange, is the world’s largest supplier of printing cartridge chips and the owner and pioneer of core and applied technology. Having established a number of state-level R&D centers and laboratories in China and strategic partnership with various integrated circuit enterprises in the United States, Europe, Taiwan and Japan, Apex boasts industry leading technology and the largest share of chip business in the global printing consumables.

The merger of Static Control and Apex is a milestone event in the global imaging aftermarket industry. Through the integration of complimentary resources, Static Control and Apex will jointly build a supply platform to maximize potential benefits to all customers and the industry as a whole by delivering the most competitive technology and comprehensive products and services.

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