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The 9K splitter for the HP 9000 printer still has an impact on the imaging aftermarket c8543x
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The Splitter That Changed The Aftermarket

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Static Control Dec 04 2017
Static Control has been a leader in innovation for the imaging aftermarket for more than three decades. Many growth opportunities for our customers have been developed and manufactured throughout this time.
One such innovation was, what we call, the 9K splitter. In May 2001, HP® released the LaserJet 9000 printer series. At the time, it was the company’s fastest laser printer with a print speed of 50 pages per minute. The C8543X cartridge printer utilized was also unique. Unlike its predecessors, this cartridge was laser welded together, making it impossible to open for remanufactureing without causing critical damage to the cartridge.
After an intensive development effort, Static Control released a proprietary splitting system that allowed remanufacturers to efficiently open the cartridge without cutting through any of the crucial contacts. This innovation created a new revenue stream for remanufacturers around the globe and in addition to the splitter, Static Control went on to develope and manufacture an entire replacement imaging system.

If you have ever purchased a quality replacement cartridge for the C8543X, it was possible thanks to Static Control ingenuity and technology.
A Modernized Technique
The HP 9000 printer continues to be a workhorse more than 15 years after its release and cartridge demand for the C8543X still remains worldwide. As we continually update our manufacturing operations for efficiency, we have designed and built a state-of-the-art robotic splitting system.
Our robotic splitting system draws on the knowledge developed through our original product from years ago, but incorporates modern advancements to improve capabilities. In particular, it is faster. Our manual system from 2001 took approximately 20-25 minutes to open a single cartridge; the automated version in our factories today can split two cartridges in four minutes! 
We are always improving our processes and systems to provide the best products for our customers. This allows Static Control to continue to provide the best replacement C8543X available to the aftermarket.
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