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The toner adder roller is a key component within a color laser printer.
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How A Laser Printer Works: The Toner Adder Roller

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Static Control Jan 20 2014
Inside each toner cartridge are many components that work together to deliver your prints. In our series "How a Laser Printer Works" we take a deeper dive into each individual component. Let's take a look at the toner adder roller, an essential component in many color printers.
The Toner Adder Roller is a foam-covered roller that serves two purposes. First, it delivers toner to the Developer Roller. Second, it scrubs any excess toner not transferred to the OPC Drum from the Developer Roller.
Static Control was the first aftermarket supplier to provide a replacement toner adder roller. Our research and development team worked tirelessly to develop a perfect formula for the foam. The size and density of the cell structure of the foam, along with the “pores” of the foam, were essential for optimal toner delivery to the other components within the cartridge.
The size and density of the cell structure, or pores, are important for optimal toner delivery.
The video below shows the development of a toner adder roller, along with the importance of the foam density, for one our ColorControl imaging systems. These innovative color imaging systems are inside select Static Control replacement cartridges.

Static Control maintains every step of the process for the toner adder roller. The raw materials are mixed to make the polyurethane-based foam. A proprietary chemical mixture is mixed into the foam and then the foam is placed in molds to cure for several days. The foam is then cut into small blocks. A shaft is inserted into each block and the foam is then cut the proper dimensions and all excess foam is recycled. After a final QC check, the toner adder rollers are ready to be installed into a Static Control cartridge.
Static Control understands how essential a toner adder roller is and how it works within each toner cartridge. Our long history in developing and manufacturing premium imaging systems for laser and ink jet cartridges means we can offer the best in cartridge solutions.
See how all the components work together inside replacement HP 124A series cartridges used in the HP LaserJet 2600 printer. 

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